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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 5

Yoona was back from a tiring day. Who would not get tired if you and your boss shop from store to store and then go back to the previous store you just went to. Why are boys so choosy? Yoona thought. When she saw her sister, Seohyun, cooking dinner; she said 'hello' and proceed on her way on her room. 

Yoona throw her bag on the floor and lie down on her bed. She closed her eyes, ready to sleep.  As soon as she was ready to step on her dreamland, Seohyun knocked on the door and entered her room.

"Unnie, are you going to eat dinner?" Seohyun asked her.

Yoona opened her eyes slowly and looked at her sister. "No, Donghae treated me dinner.." 

"You have a boy friend?" seohyun asked, stunned.

"No!" Yoona corrected her, in a shout way. "He's my boss remember?" 

"Oh yeah! I forgot!" Seohyun said. "Very well then, Sweet dreams!" Seohyun closed the door of her unnie's room and went to eat in the dining room. 

Five o' clock in the morning. Yoona was already awake. Unlike her usual waking schedule which is 6 in the morning. Yoona did her usual chores: clean the house, cook breakfats and wake Seohyun up. While Seohyun was eating , Yoona took the time to took a bath. After that, she wore her ordinary clothes and join Seohyun from eating. Suddenly her phone rang. She got a message from Donghae.

Meet me in front of the
 city hall at 9:30 am. 
And wear the white dress
 we bought. Be early!

Yoona read the message and groaned from frustration. She thought she was going to be work-free today.

"What's with groaning, unnie?" Seohyun asked. 

"Nothing.. Just work!" Yoona told Seohyun.

"Then, why did you groan?" Seohyun asked again.

"Ah.. uh..." Yoona can't think of a reason to tell her sister. "Just forget the groan..."

The two girls continued eating. When the clock struck 7:30 am, Seohyun leaved first leaving Yoona waiting for the clock to struck at 9 am for her to leave.

Seohyun headed to SM University together with her best friends Sunny and Sooyoung. They went to the school's field to kill the time and waited until the school starts. They're 23 minutes early after all because they reached the school by 7:33 am.

When they got in the field, the three girls sat on the seats. They found their selves watching the school's kingka, Kyuhyun, and his best friend, Sungmin, flirting with some girls. But if you watch them closely, its more like the queenkas, Uee and her her friend, Minah, flirting with kingkas or in the other words, pushing themselves into Kyuhyun and Sungmin. 

Once Uee caught a sight of Seohyun, she began saying cheesy words like 'Honey', 'Babe' and 'Kiss me' to Kyuhyun but its more like shouting.  Seohyun exhaled through her nose with her lips pouted. That's a sign of the innocent Seohyun mad. 

But to Sunny and Sooyoung, Seohyun looks more like jealous than mad.

"Hyunnie, are you jealous?" Sunny asked.

"jealous of what? Seohyun asked even though she knew what Sunny is talking about.

"That!!" Sooyoung pointed to where Kyuhyun and Uee are.

"Unnie, why should I be jealous? I know from the start that a guy like Kyuhyun would never like a nerd like me..." Seohyun told them innocently.  

"Oh c'mon Hyunnie.. don't be like that!" Sunny comforted Seohyun. Then suddenly the bell rang, it saved Seohyun from a drama that was just unfolding. 

"Uee, stay away from me!" Kyuhyun demanded Uee. "We're over.. I just broke up with you last week.."

"But I never agreed to break up!!" Uee protested. "You're only mine, oppa.. No one can have you aside from me!"

"Shut up!!" Kyuhyun told Uee, leaving Uee alone. 

The clock's short hand was now pointing at 8 and its long hand was pointing at number 6. It was 8:30. Yoona leaved the house wearing the white dress she and Donghae bought. She walked to the city hall since the city hall is a walking distance from their house.

Yoona waited for Donghae but found her best friend,Hyoyeon, outside the hall.

"Yoona?" Hyoyeon asked, confirming if it was Yoona whom she saw.

"Unnie!" Yoona exclaimed.

"What are you doing here?" Hyoyeon asked.

"I was going to ask you the same thing!! Long story.. I'll tell you later.. What brings you here?" Yoona asked.

"I accompany my cousin.. He needs to renew some license.. Now tell me, why are you here??" Hyoyeon demanded Yoona an explanation.

"First of all, I have a job! and its ... uh.. I have to pretend as someone's wife.. and he asked me to go here.." Yoona told Hyoyeon every detail.

"You what?? Omo! Tell me, is he handsome?" Hyoyeon asked, interested in the topeic.

"Yes, kinda.. uhm.. yes!" Yoona replied.

"Gee! this is so exciting!!" Hyoyeon said.

"Yah unnie! this isn't even near exciting!" Yoona told her unnie. Yoona saw a familiar man coming towards her. It was the one she was waiting.

"Unnie, here he comes.." Yoona told Hyoyeon. 

Hyoyeon looked at the man coming over and her jaw dropped from just looking at his handsome face, feeling envy from her best friend. She hoped she can have a job like hers with a handsome man.

"Let's go, Yoona.." Donghae called her, motioning Yoona to go with him inside the building.

"Wait, Donghae-ssi.. what are we going to do?" Yoona asked, leaving Hyoyeon alone. But before that, she waved a good bye to her. 

"Can you please call me, oppa? Who would not call his 'husband' oppa? Get real!" Donghae told her. 

"Fine! Oppa, what are we going to do here?" Yoona asked Donghae.

"we're going to get a fake marriage certificate..." Donghae told her. Then the both of them enter an office inside the hall. 

As they enter, Yoona sat in a sofa on the office and let Donghae fix the document. Yoona signed some papers that needed her signature. Then sudddenly, a photographer entered the office.

"Yoona come here.." Donghae commanded Yoona to move beside him.

"Yoona wear the ring to my finger.." Donghae demanded Yoona. Yoona did as what Donghae told her. Then the camera of the photographer flashed. Donghae did the same thing as Yoona.

"Donghae-ssi, kiss the girl.." The photographer told Donghae.

"What? Kiss?" Yoona exclaimed.

"Get real! Since when did you saw  a wedding without a kiss??.." Donghae said.

"Since now.. I don't want to!" Yoona said, being stubborn.

"Just do it, even I, doesn't like that idea..." Donghae told her. 

"I don't want to! I quit!" Yoona said.

"Then pay me.. NOW!" Donghae said, stressing the word 'now'.

"Fine!" Yoona was left with no choice but to do it. Yoona and Donghae's face was a centimeter far from each other. And their lips touched. They kissed. While they were kissing, the camera of the photographer flashed again. Their lips separated once the camera flashed. 

Yoona can't believe what happened. She hated this job. But there was a part of her that kinda like the kiss. Her heart beats faster than usual. She felt butterflies in her stomach. Donghae felt the same thing. But the other side of Yoona says, This guy stole my first kiss!

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