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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 6 

Yoona was still in bed, sleeping and enjoying her stay in dreamland. It was very unusual of her because she usually wakes up early. 

Yoona was still in shock about her first kiss yesterday. Seohyun knows that everytime her sister is in shock, she would be like Sleeping Beauty, sleeping like there's no tomorrow. Just like when she found her pet puppy's dead body when she was told by her parents that it ran away. And when she accidentally bumped the million-worth vase in their house in their province. 

Seohyun got up from her bed by 6:40 am, and still no signs of Yoona. She went to her sister's room and peeked at her. She was still sleeping. So she did all Yoona's chores. When she was done cooking, she ate her breakfast. After that, She woke Yoona up form her bed and went straight to her bathroom. 

Yoona was impressed by how delicious the food cooked is. She continued on eating when out of the sudden, she received her message.She guessed that it would be Donghae again, and her guess is right.  She read the message:

Pack your dresses and
bring all the clothes we bought. 
Meet me in the
Incheon Airport at 1 pm. 

"What does he wants from me this time?" Yoona asked herself.

When Yoona was done eating, Seohyun was done taking a bath. 

"Unnie, why ?" Seohyun asked while combing her hair.

"Donghae wants me to pack my clothes.. I'll meet him at the Incheon Airport later.. maybe I'm not going to spend the night here.." Yoona guessed.

"Even though your work seems to be easy when you hears it.. But it really requires alot of works and effort!" Seohyun said. "That's why when someone asked me to do the same job as you, unnie.. I'm not going to accept it!"

"Even if it requires less effort, I know you're going to reject the offer...." Yoona pointed out. 

"I know..." Seohyun said.

"Because your heart only belong to Cho Kyuhyun.." Yoona teased Seohyun.

"Yah! unnie! I don't mean that!" Seohyun protested.

"Fine...  I will let you win!" Yoona said. Seohyun just chuckled. 

Seohyun prepared herself and bid her good bye to Yoona. Seohyun rode the bus and went to SM University. It was unusual for her because she would often meet Sunny and Sooyoung on the bus. But she didny mind as long as they were going to meet in the school.

Seohyun arrived at the school. And she was right, Sunny and Sooyoung were already in the school. 

"Hyunnie!" Sunny called out.

"Sorry we didn't get to join you in the bus.." Sooyoung apologized.

"Its alright unnie.. " Seohyun told her.

"Hey! Did you know?" Sooyoung asked. "Did you know that the campus playboy stiked again?"

"Kyuhyun?? Hmm.. Molla.." Seohyun said.

"We just saw the girl Kyuhyun broke up with running while crying.." Sunny told Seohyun.

""Who's the girl.." Seohyun asked, being intrigued.

"Victoria.. from my class in Literature.." Sunny replied.

Seohyun mouthd an 'o'. "Unnie, I'm just curious.. Everyboy in the school knows that Kyuhyun is a playboy but why do girls still let themselves be usedby Kyuhyun?" Seohyun asked.

"Why? you want to be used?" Kyuhyun asked from nowhere. 

"No.." Seohyun said. Kyuhyun just smirked.

"You can be a perfect girl friend. Tall height, perfect figure, high grades, but you're not thta pretty.." Kyuhyun said. 

"Yah! If you have nothing to say good to her, will you go away?" Sooyoung told Kyuhyun. "No go away!! Shoo!" Sooyoung added while gesturing them to go away.

"And I can't believe I just agreed to go out with Sungmin.." Sunny blurted out.

"You what?" Sooyoung asked. Seohyun just showed a shocked face.

"Well he asked me out.." Sunny said.

"He's next to Kyuhyun as the school's no. 1 playboy!" Sooyoung said.

"He used his aegyos!" Sunny defended while using her own aegyos-that-call-for-a-punch.

Sooyoung was about to speak when Seohyun stopped her.

"Unnie, they might look good together.. Both have aegyos..  just don't know anything about Sungmin-ssi's aegyos.." Seohyun tried to calm Sooyoung. 

"You know, you're right"~Sunny's face lit up~"They do look good together... but unnie's aegyos are just punch attractor.." Sooyoung said then gave Sunny a hit on her arm.

"Hey what was that for?" Sunny complained.

"For using your aegyos!" Sooyoung said.

"Aish!" Sunny said.

Seohyun burst into laughter. She just love watching her friends arguing with some simple reasons.

It was already 10 since the bell rang at 8,  the students of SM University attended their classes in the first 2 hours. In Seohyun's class schedule, its already her PE class. 

Seohyun is in section A-1. Although she doesn't join athletic competitions in the school, she and her sister, Yoona, is very known to be the very good in basketball and baseball. The school doesn't have basketball for girls and baseball. 

Joining Seohyun in her PE class is, Sunny, who is very athletic in track and field and badminton. And of course, the school's MVP and football captain, Kyuhyun.

"All eyes here!" Their PE teacher,Mr. Jung,  called their attention. "Everybody form two lines outside the room. One line of girls and one line of boys.. Find your height.."

"Ugh! why do we have to be arranged by height?" Sunny sighed, knowing that she is the smallest among the class.

Everybody did what they were told. Mr. Jung led his class outside the room to the gymnasium. 

"We're going to play dutch ball. Let's divide into two groups. To be easier in dividing, let's have boys vs. girls.." Mr. Jung said. The boys separated form the girls and went to eastern part of the gymnasium while the girls are in the western part.

"Sungmin.." Mr. Jung called Sungmin as he passed the ball to him. That was the cue of the the game to start. 

Sungmin threw the ball into the other side. While the girl easily caught the ball. The girl passed the ball to the other team and vice versa. Many boys and girl were hit by the ball . Very few students were left standing. It was Kyuhyun's turn to pass the ball. He threw the ball to Seohyun. Seohyun tried to catch theball but instead the ball hit her face, making the eyeglass she's wearing to be removed from her, showing her beautiful bare face. As Kyuhyun ran to her to check if she was alright, he was stunned to see Seohyun's goddess-like face. 

'I got to know that she was Yoona's younger sister when she was tutoring  me. because every time we meet in this class, i would ignore students like her.. Since the day I knew about her family background,  I really thought that she's different from her sister.. But I was wrong! She really do look like a goddess. I think she's prettier than her sister.. only if she wore make up or wore different clothes..' Kyuhyun thought as he watched his classmates carried Seohyun to the clinic.

"Hey, Kyu! what's with stunned face?" Sungmin asked Kyuhyun. But Kyuhyun gave him no reply. Sungmin poked Kyuhyun but still no response. He tickled Kyuhyun and that's where Kyuhyun return to the real world.

"What's with the stunned face?" Sungmin repeated his question. 

"I thought she wasn't that pretty!" Kyuhyun said.

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