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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 4 :
Yoona was in the kitchen, cooking their breakfast for the morning. While her sister, seohyun, was sitting in the sofa in their living room, listening to the keroro theme song. As soon as she was done cooking, Yoona called Seohyun.

"Breakfast is ready!!"

Seohyun turned off her mp3player and went to the dining table. She squealed in excitement when she saw the food served.

"Yay! my favorite!!" Seohyun said, clapping her hands.

"You better eat a lot because I know you're going to tutor that Kyuhyun again..." Yoona advised her sister.

"Unnie, what's the connection of eating a lot to my tutoring?" Seohyun asked.

"You'll be distracted by his handsomeness, then you'll be weak!! helpless!!" Yoona told her. "Nah! I just want you to eat a lot.. Look! you're getting thinner!" 

The two girls burst into laughter. Then, they continue eating. When Seohyun was done, she proceed to her bathroom to bathe. After that, she wore her clothes and grabbed her school bag.

"I'm going now, unnie.." Seohyun bid her good bye. 

"Take care!!" Yoona told Seohyun. Seohyun went out of the house and headed to the school.

Since Yoona was done with her chores, she turned on the television and browse from the channels a nice show to watch. while watching, her phone rang. The caller id was an unknown number.

Yoona: Yobosaeyo
???: Yoona
Yoona: Who's this?
???: Its Donghae, the owner of the car you hit...
Yoona: Hey! it was an accident!
Donghae: I don't care.. now, meet me in front of the Coex Mall, Main gate, at 9 am.
Yoona: Hey that's too early!
Donghae: No more buts!
Yoona: hey!
Donghae: Bye!

Donghae hung up.

"Aish.. why so early? By the way, what's the time already?" Yoona looked at the wall clock."8:36!! omo!!"

Yoona hurriedly went to her room to change. its a good thing that she took a bath while Seohyun was eating breakfast. Once she was done, she got her shoulder bag and got all the things she might need like her cellphone and her wallet.

She headed to the bus stop and rode on the first bus stopped by her. When the bus stopped by the nearest bus stop in the Coex mall, she leaved the bus and went to the main gate of the mall.

While waiting for Donghae, Yoona saw a familiar figure approaching her. 

"Good you're early.." Donghae told her. "Go in.."

"Huh?" Yoona asked confused.

"Enter the mall!" Donghae said, more specific. 

Yoona entered the mall. Donghae led the way and Yoona followed him. They went to the Department store of the mall.

"Look for casual clothes.." Donghae told her.

"Huh??" Yoona asked.

"Just look!" Donghae repeated.

Yoona did what Donghae told her to do. She looked for casual clothes. Once she found some, she showed it to him.

"What do you think?" Yoona asked Donghae.

"In fairness, you look good in all clothes you chose.." Donghae complimeted her. An as usual, Yoona blushed. Who would not blush when someone tell you, you look good in everything.

"No, go look for a white dress..." Donghae told her.

As usual, Yoona did what he told her to do.

"How about this?" Yoona asked.

"Even if its simple, you look pretty in that!" Donhae told her. Did I just say that? Yah! Donghae-ya! I told you not to tell her that.. But she's really pretty!! Donghae thought, his heart and mind fighting. 

Yoona blushed again. Omo, he said I'm pretty!! He said I'm pretty! Wait, I'm happy he said I'm pretty? Back to your senses, Im Yoona!Yoona thought.

"Let's pay for those, now.." Donghae said. Then they went to the cashier to pay for the clothes.

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