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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 11

Yoona and Donghae were in their hotel room. Donghae was just done showering and Yoona was lying on the bed, looking in the ceiling.

"Gosh! I never knew Sunye-ssi will be so desperate.." Yoona commented.

"I know right?? And you knw what?" Donghae said.

"What?" Yoona annoyingly asked.

"You were so cuute when you were standing yourself up for me!" Donghae teased.

Yoona blushed in embarrassment. "I-I was just doing my job! You know.. maybe she'll suspect something.. Aren't I a great actress?"

"No, you're not!! and do you believe now how hot, I mean, super hot I am?" Donghae asked her.

"Eew!" Yoona exclaimed. She sat and threw a pillow at him.

"What? I' just stating the truth that I'm super hot! Look at Sunye, she's really desperate for me!" Donghae boasted.

"Believe on your lies! As long as I'm freakingly hot.. I will not be bothered by your lies anymore.." Yoona plainly said.

"What made you say that you're 'freakingly hot'??" Donghae asked.

"When I was in high school, I had uhm.. more or less 55 suitors.. When I was in college I have more or less 56 suitors.. " Yoona boasted.

"You really counted that??" Donghae asked.

"No.. but Seohyun did the counting for me.." Yoona said. 

"I don't care.. They're just suitors.. I had GIRL FRIENDS!!" Donghae said.

"Don't care either.. Because I have to run them down because my studies have to be first.." Yoona said.

'Then, what's the name of your so-called suitors?" Donghae asked as he made a v-sign on the word "suitors".

"Let's start with the longest suitor.. OK Taecyeon, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Kim Kibum, Lee Kikwang, and Choi Minho.. Those are the only names I remembered.." Yoona said.

"Wanna hear my ex-girl friend names??" Donghae asked.

"No thanks.. Need my beauty rest cause boy! was I so tired battling with that Sunye.. And when are going to leave?" Yoona asked.

"Hey! Its just 12:25 in the afternoon!" Donghae said.

"Don't care!" Yoona sang. "So when are are we leaving?"

"Tomorrow.." Donghae replied as he lied on the bed next to Yoona.


At SM University; Lunch Break

"I can't believe I was the lowest.. I know I asnwered all the answers correctly.." Seohyun said, still can't recover on her score in the unit test in English. "How am I going to tell it to unnie?"

"No one's going to tell Yoona unnie about this.. " Sooyoung declared. "Becasue I know there's something wrong.."

"Yeah! I think so, too! We have to investigate about this!" Sunny said.

"Thank you, Sunny unnie, Sooyoung unnie.. Maybe, I should just accept the fact that I can....... ultimately fail sometimes.." Scohyun said, with her tone full of sadness.

"No, Hyunnie... Sooyoung and I know something's wrong.. So we're going to find that wrong out!" Sunny said, full of inspiration as she put her hand on the air in the middle of them.

"I'm in!" Sooyoung said as she placed her hand on the top of Sunny's.

"Well, do I have other choice? I'm in!" Seohyun said then smiled.

Seohyun, Sooyoung and Sunny cheered. They finished their food first before they start their investigation.

"Attention everybody!" A female voice called out through the megaphone. It was Taeyeon, the student council president,

All students turned their focus on the announcement Taeyeon was going to announce.

"Our school will be holding 2011  Ms. SM University... For those who are interested to join, you can register on the Student Council Bulletin Board..That's all and thank you for listening.." Taeyeon announced. 

"Unnie, you should join.. You're pretty and you're a really good dancer!" Seohyun encouraged Sooyoung.

"Nah! My mom told me not to join any pageant.. she said you have to be rich to join.." Sooyoung said.

"How about you unnie?" Seohyun asked Sunny.

"I can't! I'm too short!" Sunny said.

"You! you should join Hyunnie!" Sooyoung said.

"Yes! You're a perfect! You're smart, you're a good singer, you have a great figure and you're.." Sunny wasn't able to finish what she will say when Uee finished it while passing by them.

"Ugly!!" Uee yelled and laughed.

"I was going to say pretty!!" Sunny yelled. 

"Its ok unnie.. Its her opinion.. you should respect her opinion.." Seohyun innocently said.

"Well, I could respect her opinion if it was a GOOD opinion!!" Sunny said.

"Hyunnie, that's bad side with you! You doesn't know how to fight for yourself!!" Sooyoung said.

"Yeah!" Sunny agreed.

"Maybe we should start the investigation now.." Seohyun said changing the topic.

"Maybe we should..." Sooyoung said.

The three girl went to the Ms. Kim's office to check Seohyun's paper. The girls knocked first. The door was opened by Ms. Kim and let them enter.

"What can I do for you girls??" Ms. Kim asked.

"About my score.."  Seohyun said. "I would like to see my paper please.."

"Okay.." Ms. Kim bowed her head and looked for the papers beneath her table. As soon as she found envelope, she got it and placed it on the top of her table. "Here's the papers.. you can look for your paper there.."

"Gomawo, Ms. Kim.." Seohyun bowed her head as she thanked her teacher.

"Let's now look..." Sooyoung said. 

Seohyun flipped into papers until she found her own paper. She looked at it for a second.

"This isn't my handwriting!!" Seohyun reacted noticing that the handwriting wasn't hers. "But I don't know whose handwriting this is."

"Me either.. I can't recognize whose handwriting this is.." Sunny said.

"Whoever owns this handwriting. I'm going to kill her.." Sooyoung said.

Correction : Sat --> Sit :)

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