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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 10

"Listen to me, Sunye.. I am not going to leave oppa and I am not afraid of you... If you think oppa loves you, why did he disagree in your marriage??" Yoona said.

"Because.. because he wasn't ready yet!!" Sunye exclaimed. "So leave oppa!"

"I will never.." Yoona said.

"Leave him or you're dead!" said Sunye.

"You can never dictate me.. And oh yeah.. I'm the wife around here so YOU should be the one staying away from us.." Yoona said.
"Never!" Sunye declared and sent Yoona one of her scariest glares but Yoona didn't move an inch, instead, glared at her  too.
They kept on glaring at each other for minutes until Donghae came. 
"Something wrong??" Donghae asked as he noticed the two girls glaring at each other.
"Nothing.." Yoona lied and gave Donghae a fake and forced smile.
"Absolutely nothing.." Sunye rode on the lie but not even bothering on looking at Donghae.
"Okay?!" Donghae said, not even bothering to investigate more.
The three ate the foods they ordered with Donghae the only one talking while silence was roaming around Yoona and Sunye. Yoona was the first one to finish her food and was followed by Donghae and then Sunye. Sunye grabbed her wallet and left first to the door. She held the door open and let Donghae out. When it was Yoona who was going out, she blocked the way with her right foot causing Yoona to fell. It was a good thing that Donghae immediately caught her.
"You alright??" Donghae asked.
Yoona nodded, assuring Donghae that she's totally fine. "Ne.. kwenchana.." She looked at Sunye who was looking at the blue sky and glared at her. Sunye caught her glare and smirked to herself.
"Are you alright, Yoona-ssi??" Sunye asked, pretending to care.
"Oh yes! Super fine.. no need to worry.." Yoona told her sarcastically. Sunye just smirked.
"She's fine.. so, let's go??" Sunye asked. 
"Sure.. Let's go.." Donghae  replied. "Yeobo, can you walk??"
Yoona took a glance at Sunye and smirked. Sunye became nervous  as she watched Yoona's smirk disappear when she turned her face to Donghae. "Uhm.. I think so.. I'll try.."
Yoona pretended to walk like a girl with a sprained ankle and fell down. "I can't.." 
"You want me to help you walk??" Donghae offered.
"Sure!" Yoona happily agreed.
"And Sunye-ssi, can you please carry these bags??"  Yoona requested as she showed the bags she was carrying. "Gomawo!" Yoona immediately thanked her before she could refuse and threw the bags at her.
Sunye almost fell but regained her balance. She exhaled to her nose and carried all the bags.  When she passed Yoona and Donghae, Yoona whispered to her ear that only Sunye could hear,
Sunye paused and let Yoona and Donghae walked ahead of her. She glared at Yoona.
'You will never win.. You want to play? Then I'll play.. But sorry, Missy.. I'm going to win..' Sunye thought as she watched Yoona walked with Donghae.

In SM University; English Class:
"Good morning class" The teacher greeted. 
"Good morning Ms. Kim.." The whole class greeted back.
"Today, we're going to have our unit test.. So please keep all your English books, notebooks or other reference.." Ms. Kim told her class. "I can only see ballpens on your table.."
The whole class kept all their English books, notebooks, dictionaries and other references in the in bag and got their ballpens.

"Miss Choi, please distribute the test papers.." Ms. Kim requested Sooyoung. Sooyoung distributed all the test papers to each student. 

"You may start now.." Ms. Kim declared. She looked at her wrist watch and it read 10:47 am. The class will be answering it for 30 minutes.

After 10 minutes, Seohyun straightened her backbone and put her ballpen on her desk. She just finished answering the 45 question-test. 

"Ms. Im, are you done?" Ms. Kim asked, noticing Seohyun doing nothing except from reviewing her answers.

"Yes, ma'am.." Seohyun replied.

"As usual.." Ms. Kim commented. "Ms. Im, can you please give this form to the following teachers written on this paper.."

"Sure ma'am.." Seohyun said as she left her test paper.

Seohyun did what Ms. Kim told her. When she came back, they were all already passing the test papers. Seohyun went to her seat and pass her paper.

"I'll check these in my office. I'll just post the result later.." Ms. Kim announced.

Ms. Kim dismissed hte class and the they all went out the room noisily.

1 hour later

Seohyun, Sunny and Sooyoung immediately went to the bulletin board to see the results. They just saw Ms. Kim post it few seconds ago. When they saw the results, their jaw dropped to surprise.

Uee -    45/45
Sunny -  43/45
Sooyoung -  43/45
Sulli -    38/45
Jonghyun -   37/45
Luna -   37/45
Taeyeon -   33/45
Sungmin -   30/45
Leeteuk -   27/45
Kyuhyun -  25/45
Seohyun -  23/45

"I DON'T BELIEVE THIS.." Those were the only words Seohyun could say.


Back at Jeju Island

Yoona sat on the bench. Beside her was Donghae and beside him was Sunye, 

"I'm going to buy us some drinks first.." Donghae said. Yoona and Sunye nodded.

When Donghae was gone, Sunye grabbed Yoona by her arm and made her face her.

"You! You will never win!" Sunye told her.

"What?? Is that because of my revenge?" Yoona asked. "Well you deserve it for tripping me.."

"I don't care... I just wished that you really fell.." Sunye wished.

"But too bad, you don't have a genie to grant that wish.." Yoona told her,

"Aish! You brat.. you better just step off here so I can have oppa.." Sunye told her.

"It will never happen..... Dreamer!" Yoona told Sunye.

"Why you!" Sunye was about to spank Yoona when a hand caught her wrist.

"What do you think you're doing?" Donghae asked.

"O-oppa.." Sunye stuttered.

"I demand an answer!" Donghae furiously asked.

"I want you oppa! I should be the one spending the honeymoon with you! Not her!" Sunye yelled. "Why didn't you agree on our marriage??" Sunye asked him as she fell on her knees, crying.

"Because you've always been my friend... And I don't want to change that.. Because I know I'm not the right person for you.. I know you will get hurt when you're with me.. I don't want you to get hurt.." Donghae told her. "I know you can find somebody else.

"I don't care! I want you.. I want you! you! you! I don't want anybody but you! nobody but you!" Sunye said, hitting Donghae's chest with her fist.

"Listen, Sunye, listen! if you keep on acting like this. I better left you her looking like that!" Donghae told her.

"Oppa! Don't leave me!" begged Sunye,

"Don't you ever call me oppa.." Donghae told her furiously.


"No buts!" Donghae yelled.

Sunye turned to Yoona who was quietly watching the scene. "You're a lucky girl.." Sunye leaved still crying but now open to the truth that Donghae and Yoona really loved each other but that's what she thinks.

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