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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 9

While Donghae was looking for foods, he accidentally bumped into someone. He looked at the one he bumped into and it was a familiar girl.

"Donghae?" The girl asked.

"Sunye??" Donghae said finally realizing who the girl was.

"Is it really you?" Sunye asked.

"Of course! I'm genuine!! What do you think?" Donghae asked.

"Fine! What are you doing here?" Sunye asked.

"I'm here.." ~Taking a glance at Yoona~ "in a honeymoon with my wife.." Donghae said.

"You're wife? Honeymoon? Why didn't you tell me you're married? Why didn't you invite me on your wedding?" Sunye asked.

"I don't know where you were and I lost your number in my contacts.." Donghae said.

"Aish! Tell me.. Who's the lucky girl?" Sunye asked.

"Yoona.. Her name is Yoona.." Donghae replied.

"Is she pretty?" asked Sunye,

"Of course! Why ould I marry someone not beautiful??" Donghae said.

"I got to meet her.." Sunye told him.

"Of course you will.." Donghae told her. "Come on... come with me!! I'll introduce you you to her.."

Donghae grabbed Sunye's wrist and brought her to where Yoona was. While they're were heading to Yoona, Sunye looked at Donghae's hand and grinned. When they reach Yoona, Yoona looked at Sunye curiously and turned her gaze to Donghae. 

"Oppa! Who is she?" Yoona asked.

"Oh! She's Sunye.. my friend.." Donghae said.

"oh! Annyeong Sunye-ssi!!" Yoona greeted and gave her one of her sweetest smile.

"oh! Annyeong Yoona-ssi!" Sunye greeted. "Oppa, you still have a good taste.. She's so pretty!" 

"Kamsa hamnida!" Yoona thanked her for her compliment.

"Of course I do!" Donghae said. "Yoong, are you going to pay now??" Yoona nodded. "Here's the money.." He said as he handed Yoona the money.

After Yoona paid for the foods, the three: Donghae, Yoona and Sunye, all went out of the store.

"Oppa," Sunye called Donghae cheerfully and when she was about to call Yoona, her cheerful mood turned into blank expression. "Yoona-ssi. Want to go the coffee shop? My treat!" 

"Sure!" Yoona agreed cheerfully.

"Sure.." Donghae agreed.

"Good! Come on!" Sunye said as she dragged Donghae and Yoona to the coffee shop.

In SM University...

Seohyun was walking in the corridor of the building. She was going to her next class: English. Sooyoung and Sunny were her classmates since they're really good in English. And of course the rich students who grew up from America like Uee and Kyuhyun.

"Ouch!" a boy siad.

"I'm sorry!" Seohyun apologized. "My fault! I wasn't looking..."

Seohyun was still thinking about this incident that happened in her PE class. Kyuhyun broke her eyeglass. Its a good thing she brought her emergency eyeglass or she won't see things clearly.

Once Seohyun reached the room, she immediately went to her seat, put her books on her desk and started reading it. While she was in the middle of reading, someone approached her and slammed the desk of her seat. She looked up and found Uee glaring at her.

"How may I help you, Uee?" Seohyun asked innocently.

"Don't act nice, Seohyun. I know what you are doing.." Uee said.

"Reading??" Seohyun asked, still confused.

"I thought you were smart.. Babo! Its not your boring hobby I'm talking about.." Uee said.

"What?" Seohyun asked, still clueless.

Uee smirked and looked at Seohyun eye-to-eye without blinking. "You're trying to take Kyuhyun away from me.."

"Take Kyuhyun away from you?" Seohyun asked. "I am not taking him away.."

"Shut up! Denial Queen! and listen up.. Don't you even dare look, smile, talk nor stare at him. Or  I'm going to make you suffer! You and your loser friends!"

Seohyun was frightened. She knew Uee could do all what she said.

"I-I-I w-will never d-d-do that!" Seohyun stuttered.

"I know you will.. Because If you wont, I'm going to strangle you with my own bare hands.." Uee said.

"You will what??" asked by a boy.

Uee looked at the boy with a stunned face. "K-k-kyuhyun oppa.. I-I-I w-w-will.."

"Don't you dare call me oppa!" Kyuhyun said. "Tell me.. what will you do??"

"I-I I'm going to kill her!!" Uee yelled that earned a spank form Kyuhyun. The whole class looked at them and began gossiping about the crying Uee.

"I don't want to see you anymore! Now! go!" Kyuhyun ordered her. uee ran to the farthest chair from Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun sat next to Seohyun and asked her,"You alright?" 

Seohyun just nodded without looking at him.

"Uhm.. Seohyun-ssi, I need to tell you something.." Kyuhyun told her.

"What?" Seohyun asked.

"I'm sorry.." Kyuhyun said.

"For what??" Seohyun asked.

"For breaking your eyeglass and because of me, Uee wouldn't talk to you like that.." Kyuhyun said.

"You don't have to say sorry.. But since you apologized, I accept it!" Seohyun smiled at him

Kyuhyu's heart beat faster and he felt butterfiles playing around his stomach. He responded her smile with a sweet smile. "Thanks Seohyun-ssi!" Kyuhyun sat on his seat with a smile on his fae.

Sunny sat on her seat beside Seohyun. She was intrigued why Kyuhyun was on her seat so she asked,"What did he tell you?"

"He who?" Seohyun asked.

"Kyuhyun.." Sunny replied.

"He said sorry.." Seohyun told her.

"S-s-sorry?? As in like apologizing, like 'I'm sorry'??" Sunny asked stunned.

"Yup! What's wrong unnie?" Seohyun asked.

"That was a first time!" Sunny said.

"First time?" Seohyun asked.


In Jeju Island, Coffee Shop:

"Yoona, could you order for the three of us?" Sunye requested Yoona. Yoona agreed and asked their orders. "I want to have chocolate cupcakes and a cappuccino.."

"I want to have a vanilla cake and a cappuccino too.." Donghae said.

"Anything else?" Yoona asked.

"Nothing.." Sunye replied.

"Oh! Yeobo! I want yogurt too.." Donghae added.

"Ok.. Anything more??" Yoona asked. Donghae and Sunye shook their heads.

Yoona was about to go to the counter when Sunye added,"Yoona!"

Yoona went back to their table. "What??"

"I want yogurt too." Sunye said.

Yoona went over to the counter to order for their foods. "What am I here?? a wife or a secretary??" She said as she told the cashier her order.

When she got all the orders, she brought the tray to their table and sat next to Donghae.

"I'm going to the restroom first.." Donghae said as he left the two girls alone.

"Sunye-ssi, uhm.. how are you??" Yoona asked.

"Don't you 'Sunye-ssi' me.. Missy.." Sunye said.

"Huh?" Yoona asked curiously.

Sunye slammed the table. "If it wasn't for you... I would have been the one spending the honeymoon with Donghae oppa.."

"We were supposed to be married. You better go away, Girly.. You and oppa doesn't look good.." Sunye added.

"What do you mean by supposed to be married?? Why were you and oppa didn't get married?" Yoona asked.

"Oppa didn't agreed.. So step out Girly.. or I'll kill you!" Sunye threatened. 

"Listen to me, Sunye.. I am not going to leave oppa and I am not afraid of you... If you think oppa loves you, why did he disagree in your marriage??" Yoona said.

"Because.. because he wasn't ready yet!!" Sunye exclaimed. "So leave oppa!"

"I will never.." Yoona said.

"Leave him or you're dead!" said Sunye.

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