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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 8 

 Several minutes passed since the plane from Incheon International Airport took off to Jeju Island. Yoona was still asleep and her head was still in Donghae's shoulder. Donghae fell asleep 10 minutes  after Yoona fell asleep. Suddenly, a male voice was heard through out the plane.

"This is your captain speaking. The plane will reach Jeju International Airport in 15 minutes. Thank you"

Donghae was awaken by the captain's voice and immediately woke Yoona up.

"Yoona! Yoona! wake up!"

"Hmm.. I'm still sleeping!" Yoona said.

"Ok.. If you don't want to wake up.. You will be left here in the plane!" Donghae said.

Yoona immediately straighten her body. and said, "I'm awake!" 

Donghae smiled and chuckled at the cute action of Yoona. 

"Why??" Yoona asked, curious why Donghae chuckled.

"Nothing.." Donghae lied.

Yoona didn't ask anymore questions since shes too sleepy to ask. Yoona rested her head on the backrest while waiting for the plane to land. Donghae did the same thing.

When they realized the plane already landed, Donghae and Yoona stood up from their seats. The "couple" walked out of the plane. They got their luggage in the baggage claim and Yoona let Donghae led the way. 

They both rode on the taxi that stopped by them. Donghae instructed the driver to bring them to Heungjin Grand Hotel, one of the most famous hotels near the beaches of Jeju Island.

(A/N: I just made up Heungjin Grand Hotel because I don't know anything about hotels near the beaches of Jeju..)

Silece was roaming around the taxi. Really loud silence. While Yoona was busy sight-seeing around the places the taxi passes. Then suddenly, the taxi driver turned the radio on and played Hoot. 

"Ooh! Tha's one of my favorite songs!" Yoona said as she listened to the voices singing the lyrics of Hoot. "Girls' Generation are really wonderful performers! They're pretty, good singers and dancers, aren't they?" she asked Donghae

"No, they're not!" Donghae answered.

"Maybe, you didn't saw them yet!" Yoona jumped into a conclusion.

"i saw them and Wonder Girls is a better group!" Donghae concluded.

"No they're not! and where did you see them?" Yoona interrogated.

Donghae can't answer.

"See? You haven't seen them so you better watch your mouth, mister!" Yoona told him. "And as a matter of fact, I'm as pretty as them.."

"I bet you're not! and who told you?" Donghae asked, raising his left eye brow.

"Everybody!" Yoona boasted.

"I'm not! And for your information, Wonder Girls is even prettier than you!" Donghae told her.

"Then marry them!" Yoona told him.

"Aish! will you just shut up?" Donghae asked her.

"No! until you admit Girs' Generation is better than Wonder Girls.." Yoona challenged him.

"I will never!" Donghae said. Then Yoona started making random noises that really annoyed him.

"Aish! fine! Girls' Generation is better than Wonder Girls.." Donghae said and Yoona shut up. "But I have to admit they're pretty good!"

"Told you so!" Yoona said. Donghae just smiled.

"Oppa! just wake me when we reach there, ok??" Yoona told Donghae and closed her eyes.

"Hey, what are you? sleeping beauty?" Donghae asked.

Yoona replied but her eyes are still closed, "No, I'm not.. Because I'm not going to wake up if you're going to kiss me!"

"Who said anything about kissing??" Donghae asked and looked at the sleeping Yoona. Yoona did fell asleep fast. Really fast. "Never mind!" Donghae said.

Donghae decided to sight-saw while waiting for their arrival in the hotel. Minutes passed and they finally reached the hotel. Donghae woke Yoona up. They both entered the hotel. 

Donghae went to the front desk to get their keys since he already called for their reservation. Yoona waited for him while sitting in the sofa in the main lobby.

"You're Mr. Lee?" The hotel clerk asked.

"Yes, I am.. " Donghae replied.

"Here's your key sir.." The clerk said. The clerk noticed Yoona looking at donghae who seed to be waiting and added, "Enjoy your honeymoon with your wife!"

"Huh?" Donghae asked curiously. He looked at where the clerk was looking and found Yoona. "Oh Yeah! Thanks!" 

He went to Yoona and told her, "Come on! Let's go!"

Yoona followed him . They rode the elevator and left when they reached 7th floor where there room is. Donghae opened the room 393 and put his luggage beside the door frame. 

"Uhm.. oppa! where's the key to my room?" Yoona asked.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Donghae asked.

"We're going to sleep on separate rooms, right?" Yoona asked.

Donghae laughed hysterically. Yoona gave him a confused look.

"We're going to share in this room.." Donghae told her.

"Why do we have to??" Yoona whined. 

"Because when my mom comes, we're going to share in one room and sleep in one bed so get used to it!" Donghae told her. Yoona stomped her feet in her way in. Donghae just chuckled in the childish manner of Yoona.

"I'm taking a shower!!" Donghae said as he took off his t-shirt showing his breath-taking abs and biceps. 

OMO! His abs and his biceps.. He's so hot and so.. YOONA! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?? Yoona thought.

"YAH! Wear a robe!" Yoona told him, covering her eyes.

"Get used to it.." Donghae told her as he entered the bathroom. 

"Aish.. Do i have to get used on seeing him half-naked? Gross!" Yoona commented but deep inside herself she knew she kinda liked it.

When Donghae was done, it was Yoona's turn to shower. She brought a towel and her clothes along with her in the bathroom.

Yoona was done showering. She and Donghae left their rooms and decided to wander around the beach. And to start their purpose why they came here.

They played with the sand in the beach. donghae took a picture of Yoona playing with the sand and Yoona did the same as well. They even asked some strangers to take them pictures while playing with each other.

"Oppa, I'm hungry!" Yoona complained.

"Me too.. Let's go!" Donghae said. 

They both went to a café to buy foods and drinks. While Donghae was looking or a food, he bumped into someone and fell. When he looked at the girl he bumped into, the girl was familiar.

"Donghae??" the girl asked.

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