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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 7

Yoona got some useful clothes from her closet and got all the clothes they bought. She out all the clothes in a luggage. She guessed they'll be going overseas or in other far places from Seoul since he wants her to meet him in Incheon airport. While packing her things, she heard her phone vibrate. As expected, Donghae.

Bring your visa and passport as well

"Duh? We're meeting on Incheon, why won't I bring my passport?" Yoona told herself. "By looking at yourself, you look smart but why would you send a message as dumb as this? Seriously!"

Yoona got her passport and visa from her secret keeping place and placed it on the top of her luggage. She got her list and checked if everything were all arranged and they were all arranged.

It was around 11:30 . She decided to eat her lunch since she doesn't want to get hungry on the trip to the airport and to wherever Donghae is taking her and for the reason the she knows that she's a shikshin herself. 

The clock strucks 12 noon, Yoona grabbed her luggage and her shoulder bag. She dragged her luggage out of the house and locked the door of the house. She checked if it was completely locked and if the other ways to enter inside the house are closed so no robbers can enter. Once she made sure that the house was completely secured, she walked away from the house. yoona rode on he taxi that stopped by her, and brought her to Incheon International Airport. 

It was around 12:56 pm when Yoona arrived her destination. She browse around her surrounding for Donghae. When she passed by the seats, she finally found him. Yoona approached Donghae. 

"Donghae-ssi! Donghae-ssi!" Yoona called him.

Donghae turned his head to look at Yoona but turned it back away from her again.

"Yah! Donghae-ssi!" Yoona said.

"I am not talking to you.." Donghae said.

Yoona looked at him curiously. Suddenly a word rung her head. 

"Oh yeah! sorry, OPPA!" Yoona apologized emphasizing the word 'oppa'.

"Good girl!" donghae said patting Yoona's head like a dog. 

"Aish! don't treat me like a dog!" Yoona said removing Donghae's hand from her head.

"Aren't you already a dog? You keep on following my orders.." Donghae teased Yoona.

"M-m-mworago? What did you say? A dog??" Yoona exclaimed.

"Yes! a dog.." Donghae nodded.

"Ay! i hate you! That's it! i quit..." Yoona said, turning her face away from Donghae.

"Hey! Hey! i was kidding! hey I was joking!" Donghae grabbed Yoona's thin wrist to face him. Donghae looked at Yoona's eyes deeply and Yoona did the same. It took them 10-15 seconds to realize what they're doing. 

"That was a good practice!" Donghae said nervously.

Why did I do that? Stupid! stupid! Donghae thought, hitting his forehead with his palm.

His eyes were brown and... Yoona! wake up! wake up! Yoona thought. Then, she noticed what Donghae was doing.

"Uhm.. Oppa.. what are you doing?" Yoona asked him.

"Nothing! Donghae said and gave her one of his sweetest smile. Yoona felt her heart melt without her knowing why.

"Uhm, by the way oppa.. where are we going?" Yoona asked.

"Jeju island.." asnwered Donghae.

Yoona squealed in excitement upon hearing 'Jeju Island'. 

"Why?" Donghae asked.

"I always wanted to spend my honeymoon in a summer island. Even though its only for a show.. I'm so excited!" Yoona said.

"Good to hear that you're excited!" Donghae said.

Suddenly, a girl's voice was heard through out the airport. Donghae and Yoona grabb their luggages and went on their way. They put their luggages in the baggage claim. They gave their tickets and showed their passports. Donghae entered the plane first and was followed by Yoona. The two of them sat on the first two seats they saw vacant.

Donghae rested his head on the backrest and closed his eyes.

"yah! Oppa!, are you going to sleep already?" asked Yoona but Donghae gave him no response. "Yah!" Yoona said, pokingDonghae's shoulder.

"Aish! i'm not going to sleep yet... I just want to rest my eyes!" Donghae replied. "Wae??"

"Nothing.. Since, I'm going to be you're fake wife, at least I have to know more about you.." Yoona said. 

"Later.." Donghae told Yoona.

"No way! I'm going to sleep later.." Yoona said. "Please! Jebal!" 

"and why do you want to know?" Donghae asked.

"If your mom asked me about you, what do you think I'll answer? huh? If I answered wrong, she'll suspect something.. " Yoona said.

"i thought that you were smart.. Babo!" Yoona added, teasing Donghae.

"Aish! Fine!" Donghae finally agreed. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything!" Yoona replied. "Oh yeah! I don't even know when's you birthday.."

"October 15, 1986.." Donghae replied.

"Oh! Mother's name.." Yoona asked.

"Lee Hwajoon" answered Donghae.

"Brother, sister or any relative?" Yoona asked.

"My older brother died 10 years ago,, so I live only with my mom and my cousin, Cho Kyuhyun.." Donghae said.

"Wait.. what did you say? can you please repeat it? The cousin's name part, please!" Yoona insisted.

"Cho Kyuhyun??" Donghae repeated but confused why Yoona wants him to repeat his cousin's name. "Why?"

Omo! Is this fate? why do I have to meet the relative of my sister's love!! Is this fate? Answer me God! Yoona thought.

"Nothing.." Yoona lied.

"Oh! c'mon,, you wouldn't ask his name for nothing, right?? Now, tell me why??" Donghae demanded.

Yoona breathed through her nostrils, knowing that he was right. Why would she ask his cousin's name for nothing? "Fine.. I know someone named Cho Kyuhyun.."

"Duh?? Our whole family is popular you know?" Donghae boasted.

"Don't be too boastful of yourself. I was popular in college, too.. You know!" Yoona told him.

"Just curious.. why do you know my cousin? Aside from the fact that we're really popular?" Donghae asked in a boasting way.

Yoona hit Donghae's arm. "That's for being too boastful." Donghae sent her a glare. 

"Well I know Kyuhyun from my sister.. Seohyun.." Yoona replied.

"She knows Kyuhyun? She must be dying for him!" Donghae concluded that earned another spank from Yoona. Donghae massage the part Yoona hit and told her, "Seriously, are you a woman? I might get bruises from you!"

"My friends don't call me 'Him Yoona' for nothing!" Yoona boasted.

Their nterview on each other went on and on. Their knowledge about each other grew wider. Once they were done, Yoona yawned and fell asleep quickly. Without her knowing, Donghae laid her head on his shoulder.

She has soft hair.. and it smells good! Donghae, what are you saying? Donghae thought while looking at the sleeping Yoona.

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