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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 12

Seohyun, Sunny and Sooyoung were walking down the corridor, still thinking about Seohyun's test paper. Who owns that handwriting?

"At least, we know.. Its not Seohyun who failed.." Sunny said, looking at the bright side.

"Correct.." Seohyun and Sooyoung agreed.

"How about we go to the cafeteria.. Its still Lunch time.." Sooyoung suggested.

"You're going to eat again??" Sunny asked.

"Yup!" Sooyoung said.

"Typical Sooyoung unnie.." Seohyun commented.

The three girl then went to the cafeteria before Sooyoung could eat them. The three girl searched for an empty table. Then, Sooyoung ran to buy a food. One for Seohyun, One for Sunny and three for her. 

"Listen everyone.." Taeyeon called everybody's attention through her megaphone. "The registration for Ms. SM University is only until Friday."

"The names who are in our list for now are, Of course Uee, Victoria Song, Joo and Im Seohyun.." Taeyeon said, murmuring Joo's name so nobody could understand.

"Im Seohyun what??" Seohyun said as she choked that water she was drinking. "I am in the list?"

"Yah! Hyunnie, why are you in the list??" Sunny asked.

"Yeah! why are you in the list??" Sooyoung asked as she placed the foods on the top of the table.

"So anyone who would like to register, please register now.. Thank you.." Taeyeon finally said as she turned off her megaphone.

"I don't know?? I didn't register! I was with you the whole day!" Seohyun reasoned.

"Yeah! she has a point.. but who registered with her name??" Sunny asked.

"Molla.." Sooyoung said. "How about we ask Taeyeon unnie and ask her who registered Seohyun.."

"Alright! Let's go!" Sunny said.

"Wait! I'm not yet done eating!!!" Sooyoung said. "Let me finish first!"

"Oh! Just bring the food along with you!" Sunny said as she grabbed Sooyoung's wrist.

"Fine!" Sooyoung let go of Sunny's hand an brought her food. Seohyun just giggled.

The three girl went to the Student Council office where Taeyeon was staying. They knocked first and entered.

"Annyeong Taeyeon unnie.." Sunny and Seohyun greeted while Sooyoung just bowed since her mouth is full of food. 

"Annyeong! please take a seat.." Taeyeon greeted back. "What do you need?"

"Uhm.. I was just wondering.. How my name got into your list.. I didn't register.." Seohyun said.

"Well, I'm not in charge of the registration.. Leeteuk oppa is..Wait!" Taeyeon told them. "Teuk oppa!!"

Leeteuk immediately came as Taeyeon called his name.

"Who registered Seohyun's name here??" Taeyeon asked.

"UHm.. Uee registered for herself, ofcourse; Victoria registered for herself too.. Oh! Kyuhyun did!" Leeteuk said.

"Cho Kyuhyun??" Sunny and Sooyoung asked in a surprise tone.

"Ne.. I should be going now.. I have tons to do!" Leeteuk said.

"Kamsa Hamnida!" The three girls thanked Leeteuk and Taeyeon as they exited the office.

The three girl went to their hang out place in the campus, the old oak tree. eohyun still can't believe Kyuhyun registering her name. The three girls were silent still thiking about the two issues involving Seohyun: the test and the pageant, until Kyuhyun and Sungmin interrupted the sllence.

"Looking good girls.." Sungmin commented.

"Yah! Stop on your feet!" Sunny said.

"Wae?" Sungmin asked.

"Soyoung and Sunny faced the two boys and intesely glared at Kyuhyun while Seohyun was just looking at Kyuhyun.

"Uh.. Sungmin.. Can you please ask these two girls why are they glaring at me?" Kyuhyun asked Sungmin in a nervous but still cool manner.

"You heard him, right?" Sungmin asked Sunny and Sooyoung.

"Why did you register Seohyun's name in the pageant?" Sooyoung asked.

"Oh! Seohyun!! Its a secret!" Kyuhyun said. "Bye!" But Sunny and Sooyoung got his wrist.

"You can't leave yet, mister! Tell us!" Sooyoung said aggressively, tightening her grab on Kyuhyun's wirst.

"Aw! aw!" Kyuhyun screamed.

Seohyun went in front of Kyuhyun and stared at him with her innocent eyes. "Kyuhyun-ssi. we're not going to kill you or anything.. Just tell us why you registered my name.. because I'm not really into pageants..."

Kyuhyun felt like his heart and bones melted while staring at Seohyun's angelic and innocent eyes. "Uh.. uh.." Then suddenly, the bell rang.

'Phew! That was close! I really want to tell you that you're so beautiful that's why I registered you name..' Kyuhyun thought as he and Sungmin ran to their classes.

"Aargg! stupid bell! Kyuhyun was ust about to tell us!" Sunny said.

"Let's just go unnie.. We still have music class.." Seohyun said. Sunny nodded. "We'll be going now unnie!" Seohyun told Sooyoung.

"Bye! I'm off to my dancing class!" Sooyoung said as the they separated their ways.

While Sunny and Seohyun was going to the music room, they heard familiar voices talking about the English test.

"That dumb girl! I thought she was smart.. She even forgot to write her name on the test paper!" The girl said.

"Yeah! I can't believe you switched Seohyun's apaper and your paper without evrybody noticing.. "The other girl said. "You're really great, Uee.."

"I know right.." Uee said. "And I can't believe she still have the guts to join the pageant.."

"I kno.. "Minah, wasn't able to finish her statement when Seohyun and Sunny showed up on the picture.

"So, it was you!" Sunny said pointing her finger to Uee.

"And so?" Uee asked. "I can't believe you got he guts to join the pageant, Seohyun.. You even failed the test!" Everybody in the hallway staryted to surround the four girls. it was an intense event.

"No, I didn't failed it! you did! And yes, I ave the guts to join.." Seohyun said. Sunny looked at her confused. 

'I thought she wasn't onto pageants??' Sunny thought.

"What do you mean??" Uee asked.

"I can bare anything you will do to me if it doesn't affect my studies.. But this? I can't even think of way to tell my sister that I failed the test.. This is too much Uee.. You had reached my limits.." Seohyun told Uee. "I will join that contest and I will win! I will steal the crown from you!" Everyone gasped from what Seohyun said. The innocent Seohyun has tuned into a fierce Seohyun!

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