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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Haii ! Anneyong ^^ . Kayy i want to shared some fanfiction , about Yoonhae ! Yes I do love this couple :) 

Characters :

Yoona And DongHae

Description :

Donghae is in trouble right now. His mother is going home. He promised his mother that by the time she goes home, he's already married. Im Yoona, a clumsy girl but yet pretty girl, that is aspiring to have a job in Seoul, accidentally hit the lights of Donghae's car. Donghae,in search of his wife, met Yoona and forced her to pretend to be his wife or she has to pay for the damage. a show will make Donghae and Yoona lived in one house and pretend to be a couple. Will they fall in love with each other? or just keep on pretending?

Characters :


-clumsy sometimes but pretty
-smart but jobless
-her best friend is Hyoyeon and Tiffany
-has a sister named Seohyun
-was forced to pretend as Donghae's wife


-rich and handsome
-his bestfriend is Siwon and Yesung
-has a cousin named Kyuhyun
-forced Yoona to pretend as his wife


-Yoona's younger sister
-very innocent and silent
-a bookworm
-studies at SM University
-pretty but doesn't show off
-has a crush on school's kingka Cho Kyuhyun


-Donghae's cousin
-a playboy and evil but nice at some times
-not that smart
-studies at SM University
-handsome of course, he's the kingka of his school
-never know true love until he met Seohyun

Others Characters :

Kim Hyoyeon-Yoona's best friend
Tiffany Hwang-Yoona's best friend
Lee Eunhyuk-Donghae's best friend
Choi Siwon-Donghae's best friend
Lee Sunny-Seohyun's best friend
Choi Sooyoung-Seohyun's best friend
Lee Sungmin-Kyuhyun's best friend
Uee-likes Kyuhyun, hates Seohyun

Chapters #1

One fine early morning. It was about 6:30 in the morning. Yoona bought a newly released newspaper and immediately switched to the Classified Ads section. She scanned the whole Classified Ad. Too bad for Yoona, almost 80 % of the available jobs are all overseas jobs.  But at least, there's still available jobs here in Seoul. 
Time is gold. That's Yoona's motto. So she hurriedly cooked food for her and her sister, Seohyun. As soon as she was done cooking, she made her way to Seohyun's room to wake her up.
"Seohyunnie.. Wake up.." Yoona said.
"Wake up, hyunnie..." Yoona said poking Seohyun's shoulders. 
Finally, Seohyun's eyes opened. She got up from her bed and went to the bathroom to bathe. Yoona leaved her sister's room . She went to her bathroom and took a bath. After taking a bath. She wore her clothes and went to the kitchen to eat.
"Unnie, you're going to search for job again?" Seohyun asked Yoona as she gave herself a spoonful of rice.
"Ne.. i have to.." Yoona told Seohyun.
"unnie, you don't have to... We can use my allowance from my scholarship.." Seohyun told her.
"No, Seohyunnie.. that's yours.. you have to use that for your studies.." Yoona told Seohyun. 
Yoona stood up and grabbed her plate. She washed it in the dishwasher before leaving.
"I have to go now. Hyunnie.. The earlier the better.." Yoona told Seohyun.
"Take care unnie!!" Seohyun told Yoona before she leaves the door. Seohyun waved her hand in the air while watching her sister go. 
Seohyun finished her food and washed the plate as well. She got her school bag from her room. She went out of their house and locked it. She went to the bus stop and waited for a bus to stop by.
Donghae's place
Donghae was on his car. He's going to Lee Corporation. Donghae is the president of the Lee Corp. Wondering why he's too young to be the president? Well, he's just that smart to be the president. 
He was half kilometer near his destination when suddenly  his phone rang. The caller id was his mom.
Donghae: Yobosaeyo?
Mrs. Lee: Donghae dear, I'm going home now..
Donghae: W-w-what? why is it a short notice?
Mrs. Lee: Short notice? I'm just telling you so you and your wife can prepare for my arrival... You still remember your promise to me?
Donghae: yeah... i'll be married before you go home so I wont be married to that Sunye.. 
Mrs. Lee: My flight is on the weekends..
Donghae: yeah mom.. Bye!
Mrs. Lee: Bye..
Then Donghae hung up.
"Damn.. what should I do? I'm a dead meat when my mom comes home! I have to do something.." Donghae told himself.
Yoona failed the first available job so she moved on the second. Yoona tried all the available jobs but she failed. She went to the park in frustration. There's a bay near the park that always relaxes and makes Yoona happy from sadness and frustration.
Yoona decided to go home after a few minutes of sight-seeing in the park. While walking home, Yoona fsaw a tin can and kicked it. She kicked it continuously until the can hit a car. The lights of the car was broken. A man went out of the car.
"What do you think you just did?" the man asked Yoona.
"I'm sorry. Jeongmal mianhae.. I didn't mean to do that!" Yoona apologized.
"What can your apology do to fix this?" The man asked Yoona while motioning his hand on the broken lights.
I'm sorry.. I'll just pay you!" Yoona told him. Omo! what did I got myself into? Yoona thought.
"you think you can pay a high class parts like these?"The man asked.
The man scanned Yoona from head to toe. then he told her something.
"You know, you can pay for it!" The man told her.
"Huh?" Yoona asked in confusion.
"Yeah, you can.. You can pretend as my wife.." He told her.
"Y-y-your wife?" Yoona repeated his words in shock.
"Yes, my wife.. I'll even pay you.." He told Yoona.
"Are you serious?" Yoona asked him. Yoona then pinched her cheek to check whether she's dreaming or not.
"So, are you in?" He asked her.
"Uhm... o-okay!" Yoona agreed.
"Give me your number so I can contact you.. and by the way , my name is Donghae.. Lee Donghae.." Donghae introduced himself.
Yoona entered her cellphone number on Donghae's cellphone. And finally, yoona got herself a job!

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