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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Anneyong Hai ! . okay , i want to continue the fanfic )

Chapter #2

Seohyun waited for a bus to stop by her. After few seconds, a bus stopped and she rode on it. few minutes passed and the bus stopped by another bus stop. Seohyun found her best friend there, Sunny. Sunny sit beside Seohyun. 

The bus stopped by the nearest bus stop in SM University. Seohyun and Sunny leaved the bus and walked to SM University. Seohyun and Sunny entered the school.

"Oh Seohyunnie, I forgot to tell you... can you please review me in Math.." Sunny requested Seohyun.

"Why did you tell me just now?" Seohyun asked her.

"I just told you.. I forgot! Please!!" Sunny begged Seohyun, doing her famous aegyos-that-call-for-a-punch.

"Unnie, stop doing that!"~covering Sunny's face with her hands~"You know I an't say no to my best friend!" Seohyun told her. Sunny's  face lightened up.

"C'mon, Hyunnie... you got a lot of teaching to do!" Sunny said grabbing Seohyun's wrist to their favorite hang-out place in the campus, the tree.

"Wait unnie, when's the exam?" Seohyun asked Sunny as soon as she felt herself comfortable sitting under the tree.

"Tomorrow.." Sunny replied with her two hands on her face.

"Unnie.. no need to cover your face.."~Seohyun removing Sunny's two hands on her face~"As long as you listen very well to my lectures!!" Seohyun told Sunny. Sunny gave her a sweet smile.

Seohyun taught Sunny everything in Math that confuses Sunny. Seohyun did taught Sunny EVERYTHING except for decimals. While the two were in the middle of teaching and learning, the bell suddenly rang. Signaling the students that its time to go their respective rooms.

"Well see-ya late Hyunnie!!" Sunny bid her good bye to her best friend.

"Bye, unnie!" Seohyun bid as well, waving her hand in the air.

Sunny went to Senior Math C-4 room and Seohyun went to Senior Math A-1 room. Seohyun is clearly a smarty pants and a book worm. Being chosen by her professor to compete in such competitions, who would think twice on putting Seohyun in th highest section of the senior batch?

Seohyun entered the room, followed by her classmates and her teacher. Then they all sat on their chairs.

"Good morning class.." Mr. Park, their professor, greeted.

As usual, the students greeted back, "good morning!"

"Today, we'll be doing different unlike what we usually do in other school days. I was asked by the adviser of Senior F-1 for a favor. he requested you guys to tutor his students.." Mr. Park announced. The whole class started muttering about the announcement.

"I'll be sending the 5 smartest here in the class.." He added. "Seohyun, Uee, Krystal, Sulli and Sooyoung.. You go" 

[A/N: although the name of the school is "SM University, and Uee isn't part of SM, I still added her... Its just fictional right?]

"You must go to their classroom now.." Mr. park advised them to go.

The five chosen pupils followed as what Mr. Park told them to do. Sooyoung immediately went to her friend, Seohyun.

"My gosh! Hyunnie.. You know Kyuhyun right?" Sooyoung asked.

"Of course unnie.. How would I not know if you and Sunny unnie keep on blabbering about him and Sungmin-ssi.." Seohyun told the older girl.

"Its because they're handsome!! Who am I kidding? They're hot!!" Sooyoung said. "Do you know Kyuhyun is in Senior F-1?"

"Why should I care?" Seohyun asked, raising her right eye brow.

"Because he's the kingka.. everybody here knows that!!" Sooyoung pointed out.

"I don't care!!"~Seohyun stopped for a while and looked at Sooyoung~"He's a kingka but he's in F-1?? That's the fifth lowest class in Senior!" Seohyun pointed out then walked again.

"I don't care either! as long as he's hot!" Sooyoung said catching up with Seohyun. "But you know.."

"What, unnie?" Seohyun asked nervously. She knew the tone Sooyoung was using. That last sentence Sooyoung said has something.

"I know you care.. He's your crush right?" Sooyoung said. Seohyun blushed. She really do have a crush on Kyuhyun.

"Yes but... we're going there to tutor not to flirt around!! And I'm too young for that!" Seohyun said.

"You're just too innocent, Hyunnie.." Sooyoung told her. 

The five students arrived at the Senior math F-1 classroom. The adviser of the F-1 class, Mr. Kim, spotted them and let them enter the classroom.

"Listen class.." Mr. Kim shouted to stole the attention of his noisy class. "These students in front of you,"~Mr. Kim moves his hands over the five students~"are from senior Math A-1.. They will tutor five failing students.."

"Stand up as I call you.. Taemin, Minho, Ryeowook, Yunho and Kyuhyun.." Mr. Kim added. The five boys called stood up as what mr. kim told them.

"Boys, you can choose your tutor.." Mr. Kim told them. 

Minho chose Krystal, Taemin chose Sulli, Ryeowook chose Sooyoung, Yunho chose Uee and Kyuhyun chose.. Seohyun. Seohyun was stunned to see Kyuhyun picked her instead of more popular girls like Uee. She looked over at Uee and saw her glaring at her.

"Let's go, Tutor.." Kyuhyun said with a smirk, grabbing Seohyun's hand to his chair. 

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