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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 14

It was quiet inside the taxi. And then, the taxi stopped when it reached Yoona's house. Yoona got her bag and ran to the front door. Yoona got her keys and opened the door.

"You wanna come in??" Yoona asked Donghae.

"Sure.." Donghae. 

"Please wait for us.." Donghae instructed the taxi driver and he nodded.

Donghae went inside Yoona's house and found it small compare to his house. He sat on the sofa as he waited for Yoona.

Yoona was going back and forth while packing her things and clothes. 

"Donghae oppa.." Yoona called Donghae as she fold some of her clothes.

"Hmm??" Donghae asked.

"Are you living by yourself??" Yoona asked Donghae.

Donghae looked at Yoona and shook his head. "No.. I live with my cousin, Kyuhyun and my maids.."

Yoona stopped what she was doing when she heard Kyuhyun's name. Then she smirked to herself. "Oppa, can I ask you a favor??" Yoona told him in a cute manner.

"What's up with you??" Donghae asked her. "Uhm.. Sure, why not?"

"Can my sister, Seohyun move along??" Yoona asked him eagerly. "I just feel bad for Seohyun.. living alone here.. I'm her only family left.. Please!!" 

"And she can help Kyuhyun in his studies. My sister is really smart.." Yoona added.

"Sure! If it is Kyuhyun passing, then yes!" Donghae agreed immediately.

Suddenly the door opened. It was Seohyun.

"Yah! Hyunnie! Aren't you supposed to be in school?" Yoona asked her.

"Today's a holiday unnie.." Seohyun told her.

Yoona suddenly remembered that it was a holiday. Yoona smacked her head for forgetting it. "Mianhae!"

"Don't worry unnie.." Seohyun told her. Seohyun looked at the man inside the house near Yoona. She went to her sister and whispered to her ear, "Who is he?"

"My bad.. Seohyun, this is Donghae. donghae, this is my sister, Seohyun.." Yoona introduced.

Seohyun smiled at him and shook his hands. "Annyeong haseyo, Donghae-ssi.."

"So you're Yoona's sister.. Annyeong! nice meeting you!" Donghae said.

"Hyunnie.. pack your things.. you're moving with me.." Yoona immediately told her sister and continued on packing her things.

"Move? No, unnie.. I'm fine living alone." Seohyun told her.

"You're so mean, Hyunnie! You want appa and omma's ghost to hunt me in my dreams?" Yoona said in a disbelief tone. "You know I promised omma and appa to never leave you.."

Donghae laughed upon hearing the words 'ghost' and 'hunt me'. 

"Fine.." Seohyun agreed finally giving up. Yoona really does know her weakness. She knows Seohyun can't take to see her love ones feeling so scared. Since Yoona was so scared of ghosts, she knew Seohyun would do anything so she won't be scared.

The tw girls finally finished packing and rode on the taxi. It was only about 20 minutes until they reached Donghae's house.

Yoona and Seohyun looked at mansion or palace (as what they call it) at awe with their jaws hanging. 

"Unnie, are we really going to live here?" Seohyun asked, still can't believe on what she's seeing.

"Oppa, is t-t-this you house?" Yoona asked Donghae but still looking at the mansion."Pinch me. Are we still dreaming.."

Donghae chuckled at two sisters. "Of course! Will i bring you here if its not mine?" He then suddenly pinched Yoona's thin arm.

"Aww!" Yoona yelped in pain. "What was that for?"

"You said to pinch you.." Donghae said.

"I didn't mean it literally!" Yoona shouted.

Donghae and Yoona then started making random noises while arguing. 

"Unnie! Donghae-ssi.. Stop please!!" Seohyun stopped the two as her ears stopped bleeding as well. "Let's just go inside. Shall we?"

"We shall.." Donghae said as he assisted Yoona with her bags.

Donghae led them to the front door. He turned the knob and found all the maids bowing at them. He then suddenly heard noises upstairs.

"Yoona, Seohyun please sit on the couch.." Donghae told the two girls. Donghae whispered something to one of the maid's ear which Seohyun and Yoona can't hear.

After a minute, a lazy looking teenager went downstairs scratching the back of his neck. "What is it this time, hyung?"

Yoona and Seohyun looked at the boy. Shock was printed on Seohyun's face while looking at the boy.



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