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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 13

Yoona slowly opened her eyes from her beautiful sleep. Another day, it is! She lazily sat up and looked for Donghae. She found him sleeping beside her. She went nearer Donghae and looked at his face. 

'I never noticed before that he's really handsome.. Why didn't I notice it before? Maybe because I was too disturbed by this job thing?.. Its like God gave him a perfect face.. His beautiful eyes.. nose and lip.. Hey! Yoona, Did you just say his lips??' Yoona thought, while arguing with her mind.

'And his nose.. perfect' Yoona thought. 

Yoona slowly touched his nose. To her surprise, Donghae got her finger and was staring at her.

"What are you doing?" Donghae asked.

"Nothing.. You just have a dirt on your nose.." Yoona lied.

Donghae just ignored it and went to bathroom. "Hey! Pack your clothes and things.. and pack mine too! I'll take a shower first.. We'll be returning to Seoul.."

Donghae closed the door of the bathroom without even listening to her words.

"Yah!! Why do I have to pack your things??" Yoona complained.

"Because you're the wife here..." Donghae told her through the door. Then, he turned on the faucet so that he can't hear Yoona's complains.

Yoona stomped as she sat on the bed. A pissed expression was visible on her face.

"So early in the morning... And he's pissing me! Its a good thing that we're finally going home!" Yoona said. 

Yoona got her clothes that she used and folded it. She got all her things she used yesterday. She packed her clothes and things to her luggage. Then, she packed Donghae's clothes and things. 

Once she was done packing, she got some clothes that she's going to wear today. Then, the bathroom door opened, revealing Donghae with only towel covering his body. 

Yoona covered her eyes. "I'm taking a shower now!!" Yoona went to the bathroom with her hands still on her eyes.

"What's with her?" Donghae asked himself as he watched Yoona enter the bathroom. He just shook his head.

Sounds of running water filled the room. After few minutes, the door opened showing Yoona's head only.

"Can you hand me my towel? I forgot.." Yoona asked Donghae.

Donghae got Yoona's towel and handed it to her. 

"Can you hand it a little closer?? I can't reach it!" Yoona told Donghae.

"No! You reach it!" Donghae told her.

"Such a mean man!" Yoona told Donghae. She tried to reach the towel but her long arms were no use. She went nearer exposing her thin and beautiful shoulders and finally she got the towel.

'Is she really that thin?? God! those shoulders are hot! W-w-what?'Donghae thought.

Yoona went out of the bathroom while combing her hair.

"Shall we eat before we go?" Donghae asked as he raised his hand.

"I never say no when it comes to food.." Yoona told him, holding Donghae's hand.

Yoona and Donghae went out of the room carrying their luggage. They rode the elevator. When they reached the ground floor, Yoona raced to the cafe, leaving Donghae behind. Donghae ran and followed Yoona to the cafe.

Yoona ordered foods for her and Donghae. When the food arrived, Yoona immediately got the chopsticks and ate.

"Yah! Slow down!" Donghae told Yoona who was busy eating.

"Don't disturb me while I'm eating, ok?" Yoona told Donghae.

"Shikshin.." Donghae commented.

"I know.." Yoona said.

Once they were done, they went out of the cafe and waited for a taxi. When a taxi stopped by them, they rode on it and Donghae instructed the driver to bring them to the airport.

While they were inside the taxi, the radio was on playing the end of Hot Summer by F(x). Then it played, Mr. Simple by Super Junior.

"I love that song!" Yoona exclaimed. "Especially Aiden of Super Junior!!!"

"I'm much more handsome than that Aiden.." Donghae boasted.

"Pfft. As if!" Yoona told him and struck her tongue. "You're just jealous!"

"No i'm not!" Donghae defended.

"Yes, you are!" Yoona then covered her ears and started making random noises.

"I'll compromise but you can't change the fact that I'm more handsome than Aiden!" Donghae told Yoona. Yoona just struck her tongue.

Once they reached the airport, Yoona and Donghae boarded the airplane. Yoona slept the whole trip from Jeju to Incheon while Donghae was just listening to music.

Once the plane arrived Incheon, Yoona woke up and they bought left the plane. They got their luggage and rode o a taxi.

"Yoona." Donghae called.

"hmm??" Yoona asked.

"When we arrive your house, pack all your clothes and things.." Donghae told her.

"Waeyo?? Yoona asked.

"You're moving to my house now.." Donghae told her.

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