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FanFic ! My Fake Wife ?

Chapter 16 

Donghae was sitting on the dining table eating breakfast that Yoona prepared. While Yoona was still in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her sister and Kyuhyun. After she finished cooking, she put th foods in the table and served foods, a lot of foods on her plate.

Yoona opened her mouth as wide as an alligator's and stuffed the food in her mouth. 

"Shikshin! I don't know you're a great cook." Donghae commented. "Ad I don't know also that you look like an alligator when you eat."

"Shut up, fish!" Yoona said.

Donghae stood up from the table as soon as he was done eating. "I'm going to the garage. Its already 9. The plane must be near Korea."

"I see. Hey, are Seohyun and Kyuhyun coming along?" Yoona asked.

"Yup!" Donghae nodded.

"They're coming and yet, they're still sleeping?" Yoona said. "I'll be waking them!"

Yoona stood up from her seat. But she sat back when she saw her sister coming down. She looked like she already took a bath and changed her usual clothes.

"No need unnie. " Seohyun said.

"Okay. How about Kyuhyun?" Yoona asked.

"Molla." Seohyun said and started eating the breakfast prepared on the table.

Suddenly, Kyuhyun arrived at the table, well-dressed as well. "Smells delicious. Noona, did you cook it?"

"Yeah. Its mine and Seohyun's favorite." Yoona said.

"Oh!" Kyuhyun said and started eating.

As soon as Yoona, Seohyun and Kyuhyun were done eating, Seohyun and Kyuhyun went out of the dining room while Yoona arranged the plates and brought them to the kitchen so she could wash it.

"Ma'am, you don't have to. Let me take care of this." The maid said.

"No, I will do it." Yoona said. "I insist."

"No ma'am, you have to fetch Madam Lee in the airport with young master Lee." The maid said.

Yoona smiled at the maid. "Okay."

Young Master Lee, Madam and us as well will be very lucky if You Master Lee really married Ms. Im, The maid thought as she watched Yoona leave.

Yoona went out of the house and went to the garage where the car was parked. She saw Donghae, Seohyun and Kyuhyun there.

"Let's go!" Donghae said. Donghae opened the door for her and sat in the front seat making Seohyun and Kyuhyun sat together in the backseat.

Yoona looked at her sister sitting with Kyuhyun and secretly squealed as if she was a fangirl seeing her favorite stars date.

It was a quiet and long ride. An awkward ride especially for Seohyun and Kyuhyun. Finally, they reached Incheon International Airport. They went out of the car and went inside. 

In 3 minutes, the plane from America will land as what the voice said through the microphone.

"Donghae-ah.." Yoona called.

"I told you to call me oppa." Donghae told her. "You should practice on calling me oppa since omma is coming in 3 minutes."

Yoona pouted. "Aish.. Yah! Oppa! What will I do when your mom comes." How cute! Donghae thought.

"Act natural." He simply replied.

"And how am I going to act natural when I have to be sweet to you?" Yoona asked.

"Unnie, don't worry. I know you can do it. Besides you're a great actress! How many times did you fool me, Hyoyeon unnie and Tiffany unnie with your acting?" Her sister, Seohyun, told her.

"But this isn't the same with my pranks to you and unnie." Yoona said.

"Don't worry, noona. We're here to help." Kyuhyun assured Yoona as he placed his hand on her shoulder. "Besides, you and hyung look good together!"

Seohyun stared jealously at Yoona's shoulder with Kyuhyun's hand on it. Seohyun tried to hide the jealous in her eyes but too bad. Yoona saw it!

"Uhm, oh yeah! That was so helpful Kyuhyun-ah. I don't have anything to worry about. So I'll just be with Donghae oppa and you sit with my sister.." Yoona said as she removed Kyuhyun's hand off her and pushed him towards Seohyun. She sat beside Donghae and cuddled Donghae's muscular arm.

Donghae chuckled at Yoona's cuddling action. he felt his cheeks burning and turn bright red. He suddenly felt his heart thump faster than it usually does. 'Omo! What's happening to me?' Donghae thought.

Donghae suddenly noticed that the 3 minutes was over. "Hey, 3 minutes is over. Omma must be here now.." Donghae led the way to where they'll meet Mrs. Lee. The three nodded and followed Donghae.

Donghae and Kyuhyun were looking at the people leaving the plane.There were almost no people left in the plane and they can;t seem to find Donghae's mom. Suddenly, the last passenger showed up and it was her! Donghae's mom!



Mrs. Lee turned to where the voices came from and found her son and her nephew. "Donghae, Kyuhyun..."

"Omma, I missed you so much!" Donghae said as he hugged his mother.

"Me too, my dear.." Mrs. Lee said as she hugged back.

"Auntie!" Kyuhyun interrupted the mother-son moment. "Do you have something for me from America?"

"You spoiled guy!" Mrs. Lee teased her nephew. "I knew this is coming.."

"Auntie! I was just joking.." Kyuhyun chuckled.

Mrs. Lee smiled. "So, son. Where's my daughter-in-law?"

"Right here omma." Donghae replied as he gestured  Yoona to come near him. "She's Yoona."

Yoona smiled sweetly at Mrs. Lee. "Annyeong haseyo!" She bowed 90°.

Mrs. Lee didn't respond instead, she examined Yoona. She looked at her from head to toe. She looked at Yoona's back and even her posture.

Yoona gulped in nervousness as she watched Mrs. Lee examine her as if she was auditioning in a modeling search.'What is she doing? Is she disapproving me?' Yoona thought.

Mrs. Lee smiled. "You're a very pretty girl, Yoona."

"K-kamsa hamnida." Yoona thanked her as she bowed once again.

"Welcome to the family, Lee Yoona!" Mrs. Lee told Yoona.

P/s :  this is last chapter ^^ so Hope you enjoy to read this fanfic :D

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